Solo Exhibition: Maus Hábitos Variations opens on 14 September 2023
Solo Exhibition: Maus Hábitos Variations opens on 14 September 2023

Maus Hábitos Variations brings together the work which I have developed as artist in residence at Maus Hábitos between August and September 2023. This project forms part of my ongoing audio-visual series, Variations, where sculpture, moving image and sound unite to become continually evolving, hybrid exhibitions and performances.

I will present Maus Habitos Variations in three parts: a solo exhibition in the main gallery, and two performances in collaboration with musician, Angelo Moustapha.

Throughout my residency, I have worked predominantly with found objects, sourced from around Maus Hábitos and local construction sites. The exhibition will encompass drawings in space with these organic and inert materials of contrasting weights and textures. Elements will rest one upon the other and use all facets of the space, from window frames to overhead beams, to find temporary support and balance. The audience will be invited to move through the space and observe shifting compositions, and the space itself will resonate through a responsive sonic intervention.

My Variations series began in 2017 and was recognised via the Barbican Arts group Trust Main Prize Award, selected by Florence Peake and Tai Shani in 2018. As part of this series, I have developed sound and movement collaborations for international residencies and exhibitions including the Florence Trust, London; Arebyte, London; Space 118, Mumbai; Hangar, Barcelona and Ecole des Sables, Toubab Dialaw.

This solo exhibition and residency is supported by Pláka Bolsa InResidence.

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