Upcoming performances with Angelo Moustapha
Upcoming performances with Angelo Moustapha

Alongside my solo exhibition in the main gallery, I will stage two performances – a sonic performance in the Maus Hábitos Concert Hall and an audio-visual performance inside of the exhibition. For the two performances, I will collaborate with musician, Angelo Moustapha, to explore the possibilities of improvisation between the disciplines of sculpture and music.

27 September, 9.30pm

Concert Hall

Nichols will share the results of her collaborative process with Moustapha, following experiments in ‘close listening’ to the textures and internal resonances of Nichols’ found objects, and explorations into how these objects can become instruments.

28 September, 9pm

Main Gallery

During this closing performance in the gallery, Nichols and Moustapha will de-stabilise and reinvent the composition of the exhibition through improvisations with light, sound and movement.

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